Watermelon Felt Coaster and a Special Christmas Treat

Today I'm sharing Felt Fruit Coaster #6, Watermelon. (Here are the tutorials for the lemon, lime, orange, apple, and kiwi coasters.) Affiliate links below. Along with the watermelon coaster, I'm sharing a very special watermelon Christmas treat. 

Watermelon, for Christmas? Yep! When I was a kid, my grandparents had a huge garden (bigger than whatever you're imagining) at their home near Seattle, Washington. My grandma would preserve 90% of what they grew to enjoy during the winter, including melons. She'd use a melon baller to make perfect spheres and pop them into the freezer. On Christmas, she would fill the crystal glasses with melon balls, then pour ginger ale over the top. It was such a treat having melon in the winter and the only time I can ever remember having soda of any kind at my grandparents' house. Everything about this treat was special. 

Steve and Trevor never had Grandma's melon balls with ginger ale (she died 6 weeks before my wedding), so when I stitched the watermelon coaster, I knew that Grandma's special treat would be perfect to share along with the tutorial. Sure enough, it transported me right back to my childhood Christmases in Washington. 


Watermelon Felt Coaster



Cut out a circle of green felt, approximately 4" in diameter. Cut out a circle of white felt that is slightly smaller than the green circle. Cut a pink circle that is slightly smaller than the white circle. Set the white and green circles aside.  

Use all six strands of black embroidery floss to sew seeds onto the pink circle. Each seed is made with three satin stitches, with the center one the longest. Vary the size and orientation of the seeds. 

When you've competed the seeds, use pink thread to sew the pink felt to the white felt. Then use white thread to sew the white felt to the green felt. 


  1. What a great tradition she had! Looks YUMMY! And LOVING the coaster!

  2. I love the story with this. Now I'm going to have to give that treat a try. I actually have frozen watermelon because we use it to make sherbet on hot days.


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