Bobwhite Intarsia

Organizing all of the Scout-themed crafts I've shared at My Creative Life made me realize I never showed you the bobwhite intarsia my dad made for Steve's Wood Badge beading

When a Scout leader goes through the Wood Badge leadership course, they are assigned to one of eight animal-themed patrols, including Beaver, Bobwhite, Eagle, Fox, Owl, Bear, Buffalo, and Antelope. Steve was a proud member of the Bobwhite Patrol. (He's since gone on to be on Wood Badge staff as the leader of the Beaver Patrol, in case you remember me making a ton of beaver crafts.)

I've shared some of my dad's intarsia here, but I didn't go into the process, which is pretty interesting. He starts with a pattern. He finds a photo he likes, then scales it to the size he wants. He prints out copies, then cuts it apart to make patterns for the individual pieces.

Next, he searches for the perfect species of wood for each piece. Remember, there is no staining or painting in intarsia. The colors and patterns are a natural part of the wood. Here are Dad's notes on the woods he used for the bobwhite:

He attaches the patterns to the wood, then cuts them with a scroll saw. He saves all his scraps - even tiny pieces can be used for a future intarsia project. When all the pieces are cut, he does a test fit, sands everything, and then glues it all together. He put a clear sealant on the finished pieces, then adds a hook to the back. The end result is always beautiful, and I have a house full of examples to prove it. 


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