Diamond Art Freestyle (My Books are Out!)

Last October, I designed nineteen crafts for a book series that would accompany Leisure Arts' new Diamond Art Freestyle Program (affiliate link here and throughout the post). The Freestyle Program is awesome. It takes everything you love about Diamond Art and lets you create your own designs on whatever surfaces you want. You can buy individual colors of gems (over 400 colors!), two types of adhesives that work on practically any surface, fabrics, tools, and accessories. The sky is the limit!

If you know exactly what you want to create, the Freestyle Program lets you jump right in and make it. If you need ideas, patterns, or templates, the accompanying books are fabulous. I designed four of the projects in the Paper Crafting book (including the rainbow card and the flower box on the cover) and fifteen of the projects in the Sparkle Holiday book (including everything on the cover except for the Christmas tree with the red background). In January, I got to see the mockups of those books during Creativation. It was so exciting! Now they are finally available for purchase.


I'd been planning to take photos of myself in a big box store holding my books as soon as they were released... but COVID-19 changed those plans. Fortunately, Leisure Arts shipped the Paper Crafting book to me. It's not the same as seeing it in the store, but it's still exciting.

Also exciting: Leisure Arts asked me to do the "Teach Me Tuesday" Facebook Live this afternoon! Join me at 2:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Central, where Leisure Arts is located) on the Leisure Arts Facebook page. I'll be showing off the book, and teaching you how to make some beginner projects using the two different types of adhesive on a variety of surfaces. I'll see you then!


  1. Ooh, I can't wait for the Facebook Live event. I got both books in the mail this weekend! The projects look awesome.

  2. HOW EXCITING that they are out!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Still going to work everyday ... so I missed the event :(


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