18th Anniversary

Today's scrapbook page is about the Folsom getaway we took for our 18th anniversary. I did a couple of things on this layout that I've never done before. First, I desaturated the focal photo, almost to the point of it being black and white. The lighting in our hotel room was terrible and I tried everything I could to color-correct, but the only thing that made it look ok was taking away most of the color. 

Second, I adhered my three photo collages (4 photos grouped together, then printed at 4"x6") directly to the page instead of cutting them apart. I've always cut them apart before so that I could play with the arrangement. This time, I just glued them down. So much faster! I actually added a piece of grey cardstock on top of the photo in the lower right because it was a duplicate that I hadn't noticed. 

18th Anniversary (affiliate link)

I'm using this layout for the Hearts square on my BASH-O card. And with that, I have my second BASH-O!

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