Georgia 2022

Our time in Atlanta can be summed up with a haiku:

First day: sweat and crowds.
Second day, it rained. I fell. 
Third day? Freezing cold.

Despite the crazy weather and equally crazy crowds, we really enjoyed the places we visited. We also ate some great food. For the layout, I built the page around my favorite photo from our time in Atlanta, Trevor in front of a giant tank at the Georgia Aquarium. That drove my color and design choices. The other pictures show most of the other attractions we loved. I intentionally left out any photos with crowds or sweat or falling, because that's not what I want to remember most from the trip. 

Georgia 2022 (affiliate link)

When I started this page, I intended to use it for the Travel square on my BASH-O card. But I changed my mind when I realized that deco-edge scissors would give my layout a bit more interest without taking any attention away from the photos. It's simple and I like it. 

BASH-O Progress: 

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