The Estajonesiers

When I was a teenager, our family went on a cruise with two other families: the Thackers and the Pedriolis. Rather than being known as the Jones-Thacker-Pedrioli party, we shortened our group name to Jokeroli (pronouced like ravioli, but with joker at the front). It suited us well. 

When my sister became Kari Estabrook and I became Cindy deRosier, we needed a portmanteau for our family. We became the Estajonesiers. Not quite as catchy or succinct as Jokeroli, but it does the job. We even have a theme song, as the Estajonesiers fits perfectly into the chorus of Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay. (I would have sworn it was Tra-La-La not Tra-Ra-Ra, but apparently I'm mixing it up with the Banana Splits theme song.)

Anyway, I don't think I've ever used Estajoniers on a layout, so I used it as the title for a page about our time visiting my family in Idaho last summer

Estajonesiers (affiliate link)

The glittery letters on this page made it tempting to use it for the Glitter square on my BASH-O card, since I don't use a lot of glitter. But I don't have other photos printed that work so well for Family. So that's the square I'm using. One more page until my second BASH-O!

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