Playing BASH-O

I first discovered the Bash Your Scrapbook Stash group in January, just in time to participate in the 2022 BYSS Super Bash Bowl. It was great fun, I got a lot pages made, and it stretched me creatively. I celebrated National Scrapbook Day with BYSS challenges and now I'm involved with their June game, BASH-O. 

BASH-O is like BINGO. At the end of May, we were given a list of 36 requirements, divided into six different categories. We had to choose 24 to place on our BASH-O cards. I've marked the ones I chose with a green circle and the ones I didn't with red. 

Obviously, I chose the items that would be the easiest for me. It's no surprise that the textures and mixed media categories would be my least favorite, or that I would prefer the shapes and photos. Looking back at this, I'm not sure why I chose spray mist or watercolors over acrylic paint, which I use fairly regularly on cardstock stickers and on chipboard. But overall, the rest of my choices make sense. Here's how I arranged them on my playing card: 

I put the easiest ones along the diagonals and along the top row. My goal for the month is to complete three BASH-Os (and thus earn three prize entries), which requires a minimum of 11 layouts. So how's it going? Well, I already wish I'd arranged the card differently based on what photos I have available, but I'm doing what I can and I'm having fun. 

The first page I made, Easter 2022, uses five photos. So that's the first square I marked off. My March in Rolling Hills layout could have fit in a couple of different categories, but I opted to count it for punches. I used three different punches on the page - a circle and a banner punch to make the sun, plus a scalloped border punch. With those two pages and the free space in the center, I'm on my way to a diagonal BASH-O. 

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