BASH-O Roundup

The end of the month, and thus the end of the BASH-O game, is tomorrow. While I have made good progress on a few more layouts, I'm not going to finish them in time to enter. We have a construction crew in the house working on major renovations in a bathroom and minor renovations in the kitchen, which has significantly impacted my routine, access to my stuff, and ability to get things done. On top of that, I've been deep into trip preparation. The timing has worked out so that we'll be traveling during two of the weeks that the crew is in the house, but that means boarding Trouble, which has added another bunch of items to my to-do list. 

I fell short of my goal to earn three BASH-Os, as I actually earned two. But I made nine layouts, stretched myself creatively, and had a lot of fun. Nothing wrong with that!

The stars mark the layouts I made.  

No major surprises. Most of my layouts were from the Photos category, with two each from Shapes and Tools, and one from Themes. Many of my pages could have fit into multiple categories, but I chose the ones I did in order to complete the BASH-Os. For example, the page I made for In the Garden has three photos, but placing it where I did gave me the prize entry. 

There's a lot more fun coming up at Bash Your Scrapbook Stash! They've recently announced the games for the rest of the year and I'm excited to play along with as many as I can. 

I'm really eager to learn more about each challenge and look forward to more scrapping throughout 2022. 

I'm taking a few days off from blogging and will be back on July 5th with an art project that is completely unlike anything I've ever done before! Wishing you all a safe and sane Independence Day. 

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