In the Garden: Bloom

When I put "In the Garden" on my BASH-O card back in May, I was imagining a scrapbook layout with photos of our bountiful vegetable harvest. I've done a lot of those garden pages over the years. What I didn't consider is that most of those photos I've scrapped in the past have been taken in July, August, and September when the garden goes crazy. Not at lot was ripe on June 1 when I needed to place my photo order. 

So instead of scrapping about our edible garden, I focused on flowers instead. Year-round, there's always something blooming in our yard. I took a few quick snapshots of the hydrangea, calla, and artichoke and added them to my photo order. 

Bloom (affiliate link)

I love this page because I told a story I've never told before, that we have flowers blooming in our yard twelve month a year. Now, I'm inspired to take photos every month for a year and turn that into a page. This is what I love the most about scrapbook challenges like BASH-O. I never would have thought to make this page or tell this story without the prompt. 

BASH-O progress: 

And yes, I do plan to make a 2-photo layout next!

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  1. You must have a beautiful garden! These are lovely!


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