Pasta Happy Face

Edible crafts don't have to be unhealthy. I turned a well-balanced weeknight pasta dinner into a smily face. It didn't take any extra time, beyond the 1 or 2 minutes arranging things on the plate. Give it a try!

I started by making tomato sauce, boiling mezzi rigatoni* (affiliate link here and below), and steaming broccoli. I cut slices of a baguette in half. 

To assemble, I spread hot pasta sauce onto a white plate, then sprinkled a generous amount of parmesan cheese on top. I arranged the rigatoni to make the smily face, added the baguette ears, and topped it off with broccoli hair. Quick, cute, and delicious!


*I dyed the pasta using a mix of green and brown food dye, because after painting my coral snake,  I wanted to see if it would work to dye a bunch of cooked pasta at the same time. I put some pasta water in a container with a lid, added a little bit of green and brown dye, and shook until it was combined. Then I added the drained pasta and shook again. It came out beautifully colored. 

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  1. Hehe...it will be too much effort for me..given my family situation. I love how you always have fun with your food.:)


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