A Title as Journaling

The story behind today's layout starts about 14 months ago.  For years, we've been planting a garden with human consumers (us) in mind.  After we adopted Trouble, we adapted our gardening to meet needs of a very hungry bunny as well.  I stopped harvesting young carrots so that the greens would grow and continue to feed Trouble.  

In the fall, we harvested our full-grown carrots, then planted a second round of carrots in hopes that we could grow greens during the winter.  The carrots didn't grow very well through the winter, but they didn't die either.  Once the spring hit, they grew like gangbusters.  They kept growing and growing, giving us a steady supply of greens.  Soon, they were taller than Trevor!  At that point, I decided to let the carrots go to seed.  I was really curious how tall they would get.  

One afternoon in June, Trevor asked for a carrot as a snack.  I sent him outside to harvest one.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't measure how tall it had grown (just over 5 feet, if I had to guess - the plant was in a raised bed and had grown above my head).  But I did take some awesome pictures of him eating it with the gigantic greens still attached.  

The photos were so silly that I decided to be equally whimsical with the title/journaling.  I decided to emphasize the theme by using orange and green for my title.  As I started to play, I decided that my title would be my journaling.  I used orange letter stickers for the word 'carrot' then stamped the rest of the title and glued it in place.  It's definitely a different look for me.  But I have to say, it was a lot of fun!

I looked back through my old layouts and found only one other time that I've used a complete sentence, with punctuation, as a title.  It was back in June 2010.  That page has a very different feel to it, though the basic arrangement of elements is similar.

Anyone else done a punctuated sentence as a title, with no further journaling?  Leave me a link if you have!


  1. Loveeeeeeeee both of these!!! I do it all the time :) -- in fact I talk about it today on my bloggy -- not necessarily replacing journaling, but using a journaled card as the title :)

  2. I don't think I've ever used a complete sentence with punctuation. I love both of your layouts. They are really very awesome!

  3. How fun is that title/journaling work! I love how whimsical it is while still keeping to your style.

    P/s: I've used this technique too. :)

  4. So awesome, Cindy!!! I love how you used your title as journaling!!!! I love the idea of using punctuation, too. Both of your layouts are amazing - so creative1 Thanks for sharing them with us!!!

  5. Those carrot photos are so cute. I had no idea that carrot greens would grow that tall!

    Great layouts. I think that journaling as a title sentence is a great device. I'm a fan! I've done so a couple times in the last month in fact. Sometimes all I need is a sentence to sum up a story. :)




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