Good Things Come from Combining Assignments

Yesterday I shared a list of the creative commitments I have each month.  Usually, there isn't any overlap between them - I make separate projects and blog posts for each.  Every once in awhile, I'm able to combine assignments.  Check out this card: 

I received my latest sketch assignment from The Scrapping Stamper on the same day that I was going through my Flamingo Scraps stash to create projects for a post about using scraps. When I saw the sketch, I realized it would be perfect for using scraps.  I changed the photo to a dog embellishment and the card came together quickly and easily.

Here's another card based on Shannon's sketch, made entirely with Flamingo Scraps products.  
I ended up making two more cards using my Flamingo Scraps items.  The 'rug' the dog is on is actually a die-cut journaling tag.  I sliced off a piece of it to use for the sentiment, then cut the remaining part into an oval.    

The last critter in the package was this adorable elephant.  I'd used one from the package eons ago, to make this toilet paper roll gift card holder.  He seems perfect for a baby card, so when I saw this die-cut stamp that said "Heaven Sent" I knew it would be so cute together.  I love how this one turned out.

 I still have one brown dog, one crocodile, and one blue dog left.  Stay tuned!


  1. These are all sooooooo cute!!!! I am loving the doggy's!!!!!

  2. Wow those card are sooo cute! I love the little animals!!
    BTW - thanks so much for your comment on my latest blog post. I agree w/ your statement.

  3. These little critter cards are so very sweet! I love all of them to bits. Great job on using your scraps!

  4. These all turned out great, especially your critter cards!


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