Designer Showcase

One of my favorite things about Ideas for Scrapbookers (where I am a Contributing Artist) is the weekly Designer Showcase.  Cathy Dippolito schedules a topic, the Contributing Artists send her layouts that illustrate that topic, then she puts them all together into a fabulous post.  We're free to either make something new for the Designer Showcase or dig through our older stuff and share that.

Each week, I search through my Picasa folder of scanned layouts and projects (733 items, as of today) to find the item(s) that best illustrate Cathy's topic.  It's one of my favorite things on my weekly to-do list, as it gives me a chance to revisit some of my favorite older layouts.

For the "Beach/Pool/Water" showcase, I shared a layout about Trevor's swim lessons in 2010:

For "Pages that Make You Go Awwww..." I shared this layout, made in 2009 from a bunch of extra pictures I printed but hadn't scrapped.

For the "Pregnancy" showcase, I went back to 2006, my one and only pregnancy.  (For the record, the first picture is of me at 21 weeks.  I foolishly did not take a picture any earlier than that, leading some people to assume that the picture of me 5 months pregnant is actually a 'before' picture.)

Sometimes I don't have anything to contribute for the Designer Showcase.  This week's topic is Art Journaling, which I have never done.  And that's totally ok, which is part of what I love so much about being on the Ideas for Scrapbookers team.  The eleven of us who make up the current team at Ideas for Scrapbookers represent a wide variety of styles and interests, which means that the posts are always very interesting and diverse.  For any given topic, about half of us have something to share.  If you're looking for new scrapbooking blogs to check out, I'd encourage you to visit any of the other Contributing Artists.  Tell them that Cindy sent you!


  1. These are all AMAZING!!! I am loving the grid one with the title throughout it!!! That one ROCKS!!!!

  2. Love all the layouts, but especially the pregnancy one. AWESOME to take the same photo each month! :)

  3. All of these are great. One of the things I really love about your style is that it never goes out of style. The 2nd layout, for example, is just timeless. It's a great roundup of favorite photos.

  4. Ooooh...nicely done. Love how near the grid format is. And those pregnancy photos!


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