Raising a Reader

I have an envelope in my photo organizer labeled "I love to read."  Any time I get an especially cute picture of Trevor reading, I put it in the envelope.  Every once in a while, I pull some of the pictures out and scrapbook them.  Here's my latest layout, featuring four pictures from summer.

I didn't end up putting any journaling on the layout.  There are so many directions I could have taken this.  I could have journaled about the fact that Trevor is a strong enough reader that he's into chapter books, but still young enough that he loves picture books.  I could have mentioned that he's often so anxious to read a new library book that he can't wait until we get home to start reading, first sprawling out on the library floor and then reading in the car when I finally drag him out of the library.  I could have written about reading as a family affair, as we now have a regular 'Family Reading Time' most evenings.  In the end, I decided to just scrap the pictures and not pick between the various stories. 

I've always struggled with how to scrapbook Trevor developing as a reader.  When Trevor was two, I wanted to make a page about the fact that he knew all his letter sounds and dozens of sight words, but I wasn't really sure what picture(s) to use or how exactly to tell the story.  I ended up doing another page without journaling.

By 3.5, Trevor could read picture books independently, yet I never made a page marking that milestone.  Fortunately, I wrote all the details and dates down in my journal.  Maybe someday I'll do a page that includes that information.  

Here is the only other page I've done about reading.  These pictures are of Trevor from 8 months to about 20 months.  

Have you scrapped about reading?  Leave a link in the comments - I'd love to see any layouts you've made!


  1. I believe you saw my lo about Brookie reading?? Pretty sure you did!! I did it with her and her V-Reader!! She loves that thing!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these!!! I love love love what an awesome reader he is!! I have two complete opposite children in that department... Brookie loves it ..... Adam not so much!! LOL!!!!!!

  2. I love all the reading pictures.:) Definitely a great topic to scrap about. :)

    I think it would be nice to record Trevor's milestones and how proud you were of him at that point in time. Life isn't always rosy and when there are bumps in the journey later on, he can look back at these pages and know that you were always proud of him.

  3. Trevor sounds like Jordan. I often have to pull her out of the library and she reads in the car all of the time. I used to worry that she'd get motion sickness. She's in 3rd grade now and reads on a 6th grade level. I'm working on raising reader too. Brandon is 5 and can already read many Dr. Seuss books on his own. Your pages are great Cindy. I've never thought to scrap about reading.

  4. Raising a reader is just about the best thing! You're doing such great work with him, Cindy. Love the compilation of themed photos into a single layout. It works great. I love all your reading pages.

    I have several cute pics I like of Cory reading - that I haven't yet scrapped.....I have scrapped pics of him at the library though. Does that count? I have also scrapped other people reading to Cory.

    I really like your idea of keeping a folder called "loves to read" so you can organize all the photos together.


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