Grrrr... a Rookie Mistake

As I've mentioned many times before, I usually have at least a dozen works-in-progress sitting around the scraproom.  Sometimes a layout will sit 99% complete, just waiting for adhesive.  Such was the case with this Easter layout.

My absolute least favorite part of scrapping is adhering everything down.  I don't adhere as I go- I make sure I love every single part before I glue anything down.  This means that I have to carefully take my finished layout apart, add adhesive, and hope everything ends up back in the correct position.  

The Easter layout had been sitting there for awhile, just waiting for the adhesive step.  I got tired of working around it and decided to just leap in and glue everything down and be done with it.  When it was all adhered, I picked it up to scan the completed layout and noticed this:

I forgot to remove the tear-strip before I adhered stuff down.  Meaning my 12x12 layout is actually 12.5x12.  Which means it won't fit in the page protector.  Grrr.  Total rookie mistake.

Unfortunately, I had designed close to the edge, so it was not easy to remove 1/2 inch of paper.  I ended up cutting 1/4 inch off each side to maintain the common margins, but even that small amount changed the feel of the page a bit.  What really frustrates me is that it would have been a really simple fix if I'd noticed before adhering.  Here's the finished 12x12 layout:

Inspired by Sarah Webb's "Summer 2012"

Please tell me I'm not the only one who occasionally still does dumb stuff like this!


  1. Sorry... (don't hate me!!!) but I love using BG paper just cuz it DOES have that extra strip on it and gives me that much more room on my page!! But then again, I don't use page protectors or actual scrap books to store my lo's... so I have the extra room to spare :)

    I loveeeeeeeeeee your lo! LOVING those photos of Trevor!!!

  2. I do stuff like that ALL the time! It's definitely not just you! :) Beautiful layout (both versions)!

  3. It has certainly happened to me before....so you are not alone Cindy. I do love that recently manufacturers have taken to printing pattern on that strip...it actually encourages me to use that strip for scrapbooking so I tend to cut them out first.

    P/s: I glue as I go along. It's a lot faster and I have less things to fiddle with. You have to be creative to cover up mistakes but that's become part of my trademark...lol

  4. Your page turned out really cute and I love the pics. Great design to fit them all in! Trevor is so cute.

    While I haven't made that particular mistake before, I have certainly done my share of other things, ie sewing a card shut....

  5. Don't hate me either....I've never done that because I trim all my bottom cardstock to 11.75" minimum. That give me room in protector if I have anything bulky on it.

    I'll share one thing I used to do. I'd make small cuts for a layout only to lose them...if you could see my floor when I'm working on a layout (punching, cricut cutting) you'd know why losing a small important element is frustrating. I finally learned to put them all in one special glass item I keep on my table for them.

  6. I've done that before!!! It drives me insane! I'm glad you were able to fix it. It's a darling layout.

  7. I do that stuff ALL ...THE...TIME! I am such a clumsy scrapper!
    I totally feel your frustration!


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