Happy 10,000!

As you know, I'm proud to be Fiskateer #4113.  I love Fiskars products and have met some of the best people through the Fiskateer site.  There is always something fun going on over there!

Recently, the number of Fiskateers climbed to 10,000.   (I joined in March 2008, so that means the Fiskateers have grown by over 1000 per year!)  To celebrate this landmark, the Fiskateers were challenged to use crafting materials to spell out "Happy 10,000."  One of the items had to be our engraved personalized Fiskateer scissors.

I wanted to stick with a predominantly orange color scheme, with a just a touch of Fiskateer green thrown in.  Here's what I made:

H: Orange/white bakers' twine (given to me at a Fiskateer crop)
A: Fiskars microtip scissors (a prize from a recent Fiskars crop)
P: Green color pencil and green chalk
P: Orange color pencil and orange chalk
Y: My engraved Fiskateer scissors 

1: Fiskars retractable fingertip control knife (also a crop prize)
0: Orange flower (part of a big goodie bag from a Fiskateer event)
comma: Orange whistle (given to me at the Fiskateer Tweet-Up at CHA W-11)
0: Orange washi tape
0: My "I'm a Fiskateer" button (a crop prize)
0: Orange chipboard letter o (from a Fiskateer scavenger hunt swap)

Anyone can become a Fiskateer.  You just have to love Fiskars products...  which includes not only papercrafting supplies, but sewing and gardening tools as well.  To join, all you have to do is contact one of the two Lead Fiskateers (Emma or Tania) at www.fiskateers.com!


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