My Creative Commitments

What is your job status?

     O  Employed full time 
     O  Employed part time
     O  Unemployed 
     O  Homemaker
     O  Student

It seems like a simple enough question, right?  Yet I always struggle with what to answer. (I'm on a number of consumer survey panels and just about every survey starts this way.)  I do not work full-time.  I am not unemployed.  I am not a student.  That leaves two choices.

First and foremost, I consider myself a stay-at-home mom.  My main job is taking care of Trevor, which currently includes volunteering in his classroom, serving on School Site Council, taking a leadership role with Cub Scouts, and managing homework and extra-curricular activities.  I do the cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, and bill-paying for the household.  

But checking 'homemaker' means not acknowledging the other work that takes a significant part of my time.  Let me share my creative commitments in a typical month:

Scrapjazz Contributer
I write 1-3 articles per month for Scrapjazz.com.  The topics are assigned to me and I typically have to make at least one project (often more) to feature in my article.  (Here's more about my job and a link to my first published article.)

Contributing Artist at Ideas for Scrapbookers
I write 2-3 blog posts a month for Ideas for Scrapbookers.  I submit projects to most of the weekly Designer Showcase posts. 

Flamingo Scraps Design Team
I make projects using products from the Flamingo Scraps store, then write several posts a month for their blog.

The Scrapping Stamper Sketch Design Team
I complete one project a month using a sketch from The Scrapping Stamper.

Macaroni Kid Contributor
I design one kids craft a month, which is featured in our local Macaroni Kid newsletter.

Scrap for Hire
I have one Scrap-for-Hire client.  I'm waiting for her to send me more photos to scrap.  When I do get pictures from her, I aim to have the pages completed within two weeks.


So what do you think?  Do I work part-time or am I a 'homemaker'?  How many hours a week does one have to work for something to be considered part-time work?  Is it part-time work if a person only spends a few hours a month on each of five different jobs?  What about the fact that some of these jobs pay in product rather than cash- does that make a difference?  What about the money I make doing the very surveys that ask me whether or not I work?  It's all so confusing!

I should add- blogging five days a week is a part-time job in itself.  Except for that I don't get paid to do it.  Blogging is absolutely a labor of love.  Maybe I should start checking the box that I'm employed part-time...  I'm certainly busy enough!  


  1. In my company ... less than 30 hours a week is Part time -- I guess I would have to say I work a part time and a FULL time job! LOL!!

  2. I say you work "fulltime".
    It doesn't sepcify what working fulltime means to them but as far as I am concerned, you work full time! Being a mother alone is a full time job!! You do so many other things as well so I think it should actually be work "overtime"! LOL!
    Have a good day!

  3. I think you are a mom. You work 24/7 no vacations, holidays or sick time plus you work on the side. Sometimes I tell people about my other job but most the time I say I'm a mommy to my two wonderful girls.

  4. This was fun to read. I totally say Part Time, because I know how busy you can be with DT's. Then if you throw in being a mom...100% you are full time! :)

  5. Wow. You have a packed schedule. I would say you work full-time. :)


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