TIme For Some Halloween Planning...

I am a planner.  The earlier, the better.  I hate waiting until the last minute for anything, therefore I tell Trevor that he has to be 100% committed to a Halloween costume in August.  (Frankly, my sewing skills are so poor that I should give myself even more than 2 months....)  Fortunately, Trevor is a planner too.  He comes up with his costume design early and sticks with it, thank goodness.

Last year, Trevor dressed up as a knight.  It took me a ridiculously long time to make his costume (here's a close-up of his chainmail), but he was absolutely THRILLED with how it turned out.  

Before that, he has been a bee (age 4), blue crayon (age 3), tiger (age 2), Mickey Mouse (age 1) and Santa (4 months).  You can see pictures here.

This year, Trevor has decided he wants to be a zookeeper.  I was thrilled, as I realized I could get away with assembling a khaki pants/shirt outfit rather than having to sew something.  Trevor has one of those stuffed monkeys with the long arms that wrap around your body.  A friend gave us the zookeeper hat from her dress-up box.  I'll need to find/make a belt and some ZOO patches and he should be set.

So the next decision is how Steve and I should dress.  Over the years, we've dressed to compliment Trevor's theme.  Last year, Steve was a king and I was a princess:  

Steve is a great sport and will wear whatever I tell him to wear, so it's just a matter of deciding what direction I want to go with this.  Should we be zoo animals or should I take the easy route and have us dress as tourists at the zoo?  Is there another option I'm not thinking of?  I'll have to dig out the costume box and see what goodies are in there.  Steve and I have both dressed as cats before (when Trevor was a tiger), so maybe I can reuse those outfits...  Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. I am LOVING his costume idea!! Can't wait to see this years ensemble!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm....I am thinking the animals to compliment his costume... but then again... I totally have the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin in my head and how his kids and wife always dressed to compliment his outfit!! Maybe you could dress as Trevor's assistants!!

  2. I **LOVE** this!!! I, too, am a PLANNER! Organizing, planning, and like you said - the earlier the better!!! :D

    I absolutely LOVE that you all do the theme! I have always loved dressing up for Halloween, and I like for Josh & I to match (Steve seems much more cooperative, though!!). I would say you two could be animals, or maybe one animal and one tourist-looking person.

    I really wish my SIL was as much into taking photos as I am. I missed getting to see my nephews the year they did Men In Black. Two dressed in dark suits and sunglasses, one dressed like an alien, and they took their pug (also dressed in a suit) around trick-or-treating with them. I just knew it would be adorable ... but I never got a picture. :(

  3. How fun! Love how you coordinate outfits. We don't celebrate Halloween here so I really enjoy seeing what my blog friends come up with! Animals at the zoo would be really cool! :)

  4. I think you guys should be animals. That would be so much fun! Julie has a great idea too. You could all be zoo keepers.


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