Some Old Favorites

Trevor and I have been looking through his scrapbooks a lot recently.  He wasn't all that interested in them until a few months ago and now he is constantly asking to look at them and read the stories about his early life.  I love that.  

After looking through the scrapbooks with Trevor earlier, I went back through my blog entries and realized that I've never shown some of my all-time favorite layouts here on the blog.  Time to change that!  

This might be my all-time, #1, very favorite layout.  It's from 2008.  I love the simplicity, I love the colors, and I love the picture of Trevor with his little bare feet.  It's so fun reading the adjectives that I used to describe him back then: intelligent, happy, trustworthy, funny, cooperative, organized, helpful, careful, athletic, curious and affectionate.  He hasn't changed a bit!  
Here's another 2008 layout that I haven't shared on the blog before.  If the previous one is my all-time favorite, this is #2.  The layout is very plain and the design is very simple, but I absolutely love rereading the stories I told on this page.  And, I used all scraps to make it!

Inspired by Hillary Heidelberg's "Big Brother."

Here's one more page from 2008.  These three layouts might have been the only one-picture pages I did all year!  It was very rare for me to scrap a single photo back then... and it still is.  But how could I not scrap this gorgeous picture?     

Inspired by Vicki Boutin's "Hello Peaches." 
Tomorrow I'll share a few more of my older favorites that haven't appeared on the blog before.  


  1. These are all awesome!!!! I am LOVING that photo on the first one!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!

  2. These layouts are so sweeet! I love the tiny watermelon seeds dancing across the one. :)

    Thanks for leaving some love on my guest post at Yvonne Yam's. I hope you get a chance to play along with my challenge!

  3. I love that you have maintained your CAS style all these years. [I have no idea what is my style...lol] These are amazing! I love Trevor's smile and I love how much you journal on your layouts! :)

  4. They are all cute. That watermelon page is wonderful! I love how you used the seeds on this page. Trevor is such a cutie.


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