Lego Aliens

Do all of you know about Lego Club Magazine?  If you have a Lego fan in your household, it is a must. It is full of ideas, games, stories, and a monthly contest.  Best of all, it's totally free (in the US and several other countries, that is).  

There is a Lego Club Jr. version for kids under 7, which Trevor has received for a little over a year now. When it arrives, he literally drops everything to read it.  He turns immediately to the Table of Contents to find out what page the contest is on.  He loves seeing the winning entries from the previous month and finding out what the latest challenge will be.  

This month's Lego Club Jr. arrived on a day that Trevor was sick and had stayed home from school.  He had a runny nose, low energy, and low fever - not so sick to be miserable, but too sick for school.  It was a perfect day to work on a Lego challenge.  This month's challenge was to design an alien.  We dug out our tub of Legos and got right to work.

Let's see who our astronaut met!

First, he met this intimidating creature, made by Trevor.

As he explored farther, he met up with my strange blue alien.

Finally, he met up with this female alien.  Trevor and I worked together to make her.

What a fun way to spend a sick day!


  1. How awesome are those aliens?!??!?! LOVE them!!!!!

  2. What a great way to spend a sick day! I hope he's feeling better and it didn't get to you or Steve.

  3. Super cute creatures and I agree: a great way to spend a sick day, or any day! I loved getting magazines as a kid too. I am so happy there still are hard copies of magazines. I'll have to look into this one for Cory. :)


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