The Rotato

When I went to my sister's house at Halloween, she gave me a Rotato.  No, we don't exchange Halloween gifts, and no, she didn't pay for it.  It was on the giveaway table at work and she passed it along to me.  

While we do have a largish kitchen, we don't have infinite storage so I'm somewhat picky about what I'm willing to keep.  I was skeptical about whether the Rotato would make the cut because I don't peel a ton of vegetables and, in general, I am not a fan of unitaskers. Still, I decided to give it a go. 

Actually, Trevor gave it a go.  He's been DYING to try the Rotato ever since Aunt Kari gave it to us.  
The pros: It was very easy to assemble and held the potato securely.  It peeled the potato cleanly in a long, continuous peel.  It was easy enough for a child to work it and much safer than a knife or traditional vegetable peeler.  The cons: It did not peel the top nor the bottom of the potato.  The directions said to put a paper towel under the Rotato to catch the peel, but that meant that the Rotato's non-stick feet didn't cling to the table as they should.  It peeled considerably deeper than a standard vegetable peeler, potentially resulting in more waste.  

I say "potentially" because I couldn't stand wasting all that potato.  I sliced the long potato peel into pieces and threw them into some hot oil.  I pulled them out, sprinkled them with salt, and served them with ketchup on the side.  Delicious!   

I haven't made a final verdict about the Rotato.  I still need to try it with a few other of the suggested fruits and vegetables before I decide if it has earned a spot in the cupboard.  By the way, the potatoes that we peeled?  I made something awesome with them, which I'll tell you about on Monday.  A little hint: they were part of Goal 33.


  1. Great. Never heard of it and now I want one. Because I want some fried potato peels. LOL

  2. We got one of these for Christmas from my in-laws many years ago! It's in our storage area, and used possibly twice a year. Easter and Thanksgiving. That's when we make a huge batch of mashed potatoes for our family or work dinners! :) It's it funny how these gadgets come into our lives?!?

  3. The fried potato peels look good!
    As for the Rotato...not so much.
    Doesn't sound like it works very well, which is a shame because when I first started reading your post I was thinking "oh, cool! I want one!"
    I need a new peeler and I thought maybe this would work.
    I too have limited space so I don't want to waste it on an item that doesn't work very well.
    Thank you for sharing your review!

  4. I have never seen one of these but really cool!!!!

  5. If my arthritic hands totally give out I may consider this. I think the peels would be delicious friend...

  6. I have never heard of this ... but after I hear more from you -- I might have to check it out! :)

  7. You amaze me, Cindy! I love how you gave this a try! And your son was the first one, too! Now I can't wait to stop by on Monday!!!!!

  8. I can see why this was on the giveaway table, LOL. It might be handy once in awhile, but, yeah, can't hand over storage space for something like that! I do like my rice cooker, though, and that's a unitasker.

  9. I had never heard of a rotato. I think it's pretty cool. I have a small kitchen too so space is at a premium!


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