43 New-to-Me ... #18 Cadbury Crunchie

New-to-me food #18 was a candy bar, specifically the Cadbury Crunchie. I found it at an Indian market. I'd never heard of it (though I later learned it's been around since 1929) and I was intrigued by the description of its "golden honeycombed centre." I hesitated for a bit before buying it. As tempting as it is, my goal for 43 New-to-Me is not to try 43 different candy bars (or other desserts I can be almost certain I'll like) for the first time. There's not a lot of risk there.

But while I don't want to just try 'safe' new foods, I don't want my project to be 43 foods I end up not liking. An occasional interesting dessert amongst the 43 new foods is perfectly ok. I don't really like honey and I think Bit-O-Honey is the most disgusting candy ever created, so there actually was a risk for me trying candy with a "golden honeycombed centre." As it turns out, the center had the texture of honeycomb, not the taste. It tasted like caramel and was absolutely delicious.

As you can see, Trevor gave it a thumbs-up. Four of us split that one candy bar. Trevor, Jonna and I each rated it a 9, while Steve gave it a perfect 10.


  1. Hehehehe ... Bit-O-Honey has always been my fave candy! LOL!! I love love love your lo! LOVING that sweet photo of Trevor!!!!

  2. I love Bit-O-Honey!!!!
    But candy w/ chocolate on it is always better!
    Never heard of the "Cadbury Crunchie" but it sounds yummy!

    BTW - I love that not only are you trying new things but you are also able to create a layout so fast! Wowzers!

  3. Where were you two when I was a kid looking to trade my Halloween candy and NO ONE would accept a Bit-O-Honey?!?!

    I'm not that fast with the layouts. I tried the Crunchie on April 11 and I scrapped it on June 1. Not like Julie, who would have her layouts done 2 hours later. :)

  4. mmmmm... I love these! Makes me think to tell you of where I buy them... Cost Plus has an awesome international section if you ever find yourself running out of new things to try! Plus they have an excellent assortment of international sugar-y treats including this one! ;)

    1. Good idea! Our Cost Plus closed last year. I'd found tons of great stuff there over the years, but haven't been to one during this project. I'll have to make a point to find one.

  5. Oh, I haven't had this particular candy bar in years. Haven't seen it around in a long time. But it is yummy for sure. Super cute pic of Trevor. Great layout.

  6. Hah. This is something on your list that I've tried!


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