Tablesetting Contest, Year 4

For the past four years, Trevor has been entering a children's tablesetting contest at the county fair. Each child decides on a theme, then creates a place setting, centerpiece and menu around that theme. In 2012, the first year he was eligible, Trevor dreamed up a meal for bunnies and their owners and placed fourth.


He chose an owl theme in 2013, incorporating a bunch of the owl crafts he'd made that year and placed third.


Last year, Trevor chose a spider theme. He'd paid careful attention to the judges' comments during his first two years and incorporated all their suggestions into this latest entry, including painstakingly hand-writing his menu instead of typing it. Heading into the competition, he felt great about his chances. After giving his presentation and listening to his competitors', we all felt confident he would place second. He actually got third. 

2015 was Trevor's last year before he aged out of the contest. He decided early on to go with a Lego theme. He chose a black background so that the Lego colors would show up well. He dreamed up a pool party idea and decorated the table with Lego swimming pool he built, then lined up minifigures in front of it. He put Lego stickers onto a green party hat (with a yellow Lego on top) and onto a red party cup. He made a Lego "T" and attached a "Trevor's Place" homemade sticker to act as a place card.

He built a Lego frame to hold his menu. His choice of foods for a pool party are a little more upscale than most pool parties I've attended, but it definitely sounds delicious.

The night before the contest, he added a diving board to his Lego swimming pool (after I'd photographed the tablesetting at home). You can see it between the frame and the pool in this photo, taken during the contest. Trevor is presenting his tablesetting to the judge and audience. 

Once again, we were confident that Trevor would place 1st or 2nd. But last year, we'd been equally confident when he actually went home with 3rd. We watched anxiously as the judge inspected every element of each contestants' entry carefully.

The judge announced 3rd place, then 2nd. Then, in 1st place..... Trevor deRosier!

He was so excited. Congrats to Trevor on a job well done!


  1. Woooooooo hooooooooooooo!! HUGE CONGRATS Trevor!!! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay! Congrats to Trevor! So glad he got recognition for his hard work! :)


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