How To Train Your Dragon Party

Trevor turned nine yesterday. NINE. I can't believe it. We celebrated with his friends at the ice rink where he takes lessons. As part of the party package, the rink provides non-themed cups, plates, napkins, goodie bags, etc. Because Trevor had his heart set on a 'How to Train Your Dragon' theme, we did a few simple crafts to work the theme into the fun.

Even though goodie bags were provided, Trevor REALLY wanted to make some that look like Toothless. We found small black party bags, then cut green cardstock ovals, used a Sharpie to color in the pupils, then glued them in place. We filled the bag with a dragon's favorite food, fish.

Swedish fish, that is.

We printed out The Viking Alphabet. Trevor used it to make placecards for each guest. That's his own name below.

We kept the cupcakes very simple: chocolate cupcakes in black wrappers, with green-tinted vanilla frosting.

They're topped with Shrinky Dinks. For each topper, we colored Toothless onto a piece of opaque white shrink film using Sharpies (left photo). Then we rounded the edges and punched a small hole (center photo). Finally, we shrank them (right photo). 

We shrank narrow strips to create anchors, which we attached to the main charms with Glue Dots. That way, the party guests could remove the anchor and take home the charm to use as a keychain, zipper pull, etc.

Of course, the birthday boy's cupcake was extra special. We got glittery black candles which we arranged just like a spiny-backed dragon.

Happy birthday, Trevor! You've made the past nine years the best of my life. I couldn't be happier being your mom.


  1. Happy BIRTHDAY Trevor!! LOVING the Toothless theme! He is definitely my fave dragon EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You always have the best party ideas. Shrinky Dinks! I never thought of using them for cupcake toppers. Perfect! The Toothless bags are super cute and I love how simple they were to create. Happy birthday to Trevor.

  3. Happy Birthday Trevor!!! WOOHO! 9 already! Time sure does fly, doesn't it, Cindy? And your party ideas look absolutely amazing. He had the BEST favors ever - your "tootless" bags are so creative and fun! And so are all the wonderful decorations and cupcake toppers!


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