Shoebox Float

Have you ever heard of a shoebox float? They've been showing up as craft categories at county fairs recently. Basically, you turn a standard shoebox into a themed parade float. While I've seen them before, this was my first time making one. I decided to go with a Christmas theme by turning the whole float into a sleigh.

I started with a coat of gesso, then painted the shoebox a Christmas green. I cut tabs in the box and glued candy canes in the front and back to make sleigh runners. I glued random green sequins on each side of the box.

I cut a piece of white felt just smaller than the top of the float and glued it down. I trimmed it with gold beads, then glued cotton balls in place to make snow. I added a cork Christmas tree with a wooden star on top. I raided Trevor's Legos and borrowed Santa, the elf and the train. They're held in place with Glue Dots.

I tried a bunch of different techniques to make the presents before settling on something that worked well. I used scraps of patterned paper to wrap large dice and small blocks. I added an embroidery floss ribbon to most of the gifts, then topped them with a plastic gem.

Here's another look at the float, with a better view of the sleigh runners.

I'm really happy with how this came out. I definitely see more shoebox floats in my future.


  1. What a fun idea!!!! Pinning this!!!!!!

  2. What a great idea, Cindy! You always inspire me when I visit your blog! This shoe box float is absolutely wonderful. I love how you used the candy canes as runners - pure genius!!!


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