Mystery Craft: Self-Portrait

Choose at least four of the following eight items: button, CD, aluminum foil, cardboard tube, plastic cap, plastic silverware, tin can, and toothpick. Now use them to make a mystery craft for a contest. What would you choose? What would you make?

Did anyone say, "Self-portrait"? Because that's what I did. 

Trevor started out by making a marble run (on the right, with tubes and forks). When that was done, he started a cardboard tube rocket (on the left, covered in aluminum foil). 

I started with a CD, then added a plastic lid nose. I cut ears and a mouth for a cardboard tube, made tiny little aluminum foil eyebrows, and added button eyes, earrings, and a hair accessory.

When I was happy with my rough draft, I took it apart and started painting. I put a coat of gesso on the CD, lid, and cardboard. Then I blended paints until I got a shade that closely matched my skin. Turns out my complexion is Spring Rose + Camel. 

After all the painted pieces were dry, I glued the features in place. Then it was time to tackle the hair. I got out all of my embroidery floss and chose four that match the shades in my hair. Well, except grey. I left that out.

I separated each piece of embroidery floss into its six individual strands, then grouped them to make the hair. I attached them to a piece of rounded chipboard that I glued to the back of the CD. The proportions were odd, so I added an extra piece of chipboard. I painted it gold like the barrette I sometimes wear. I also colored the earrings gold.

Here's a slightly different view. It shows the dimension a little better.

A perfect likeness, right?!


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