Another Homemade Bracelet

Today is Trevor's last day of 3rd grade. As has become his tradition, he chose to make a beautiful beaded bracelet as an end-of-the-year gift for his beloved teacher, Ms. Titus. 

In the car on the way to Beads on Main, we talked about observations Trevor and I had made. We noticed that Ms. Titus wears silver jewelry, not gold. She wears black and white a lot and seems to like purple. When we got to the store, Trevor went right to work selecting beads. He started with the black lava beads that are becoming his signature item. It took him a long time to carefully select just the right rosy-purple beads. He laid them out on the work mat and went searching for the rest of the beads he wanted to use. He must have tried at least 10 different silver spacers before settling on one style. He carefully strung the bracelet, chose the clasp, and then asked the store owner for help with the crimp beads and jump rings.

I stayed completely out of the way during the entire process, except to offer my wrist as a size guide for his bracelet. Here's another look at the bracelet:

I really like how it came out. I think Ms. Titus will like it too.


  1. Great job Trevor! It is gorgeous! I am sure she will love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love how much care he took to choosing and assembling the bracelet for this special teacher. You've brought him up well.:)


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