Academic and Sports Program - The End

The Cub Scout Academic and Sports program has officially ended. Trevor has bridged on to Webelos and has already started working on the new achievements. This time last year, Trevor challenged himself to complete all of the Belt Loops before the program ended. That was a huge goal; he'd earned 23 in two years and was going for 30 more in just a single year.

So, did he meet his goal?

Almost. He earned 27 more belt loops this year, bringing his total to 50 out of the 53 possible loops.

The Belt Loops he didn't earn (Hockey, Softball and Ultimate) require equipment or facilities we don't have and/or a group of people to play with. We tried. Trevor is a little disappointed not to have earned them all, but he is very proud of the 50 he does have. He worked hard for them.

As you can see, not only did he complete 30 Belt Loops during his Bear (3rd grade) year, he also completed 19 more Academic Pins (bringing his total to 23 out of 25) and 6 more Sports Pins (bringing his total to 9 out of 28). This is a huge achievement. The pins can be quite involved and require research, hands-on activities, and a deeper knowledge of the subject matter. They were meant to be earned during the Webelos years (4th and 5th grade), so the fact that Trevor got so many of them as a Bear reflects significant effort. We're very proud of him.


  1. Way to go, Trevor! The power of goal-setting is amazing, and the feeling of accomplishing your goals is even better!

  2. WAY TO GO Trevor!!! Such an accomplishment!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats to Trevor for work well done!!!!


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