Sock Mittens Revisited

Trevor had his second ice skating recital recently. The theme was Disco. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about what the costume expectations might be. It was hard enough dressing him as a snowman for his first recital. I had visions of having to come up with a leisure suit facsimile (shudder).

His group was skating to "In the Navy" by the Village People. The kids were told to dress in jeans and white shirts for the recital. (Huge sigh of relief.) Trevor chose to wear his white "mittens" that I made for his last performance again. He also wore his black and gray striped hat. It turns out that the instructors gave each child a Navy-inspired hat to wear right before they went on, a complete surprise to the parents and the kids. Fifteen of the sixteen kids put their hats on their heads. My son put the hat....wait for it... on top of the hat he was already wearing.

Here's Trevor and the rest of the kids. He's sixth from the front in a white shirt and jeans, white "mittens" and teal skates. Plus, he's the only one wearing two hats at once.  

I asked Trevor afterward why he wore both hats at the same time. He said it was because he'd told his friends who'd come to watch that they could recognize him with his black and grey striped hat. OK, that makes a bit more sense!

We just learned that the theme of the next recital is Surfing. No word on costumes yet. I'm very curious to see how beach wear and ice skating will go together!


  1. Haha....glad you didn't have to make a costume! Looks like the kids had fun!


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