Color Me Creative

I was browsing at the library during Trevor's book club meeting and came across a really cool book by Kristina Webb. Kristina is a young artist from New Zealand, best known for her Instagram art. Her book is unlike anything I've seen before. The first half of the book is an illustrated autobiography (which is fascinating) and the second half has 50 creative challenges. 

Color Me Creative (affiliate link)

The autobiography portion is reason enough to get this book. Despite her young age, Kristina Webb has led an extremely interesting life. The text is beautifully illustrated with her artwork from throughout her life, including scans of drawings from early in her childhood. 

But the real treasure for me is the second half of the book. Kristina has included 50 fun and unique challenges, designed to be completed directly on the pages of the book. I was so inspired to jump in and create. Because it was a library book, I obviously couldn't start coloring on the pages. (Bummer.) Instead, I figured out a way to cut an arc from copy paper, line it up with Kristina's face drawing, and draw on the paper rather than the book. 

The prompt for the Headdress Challenge says, "Finish off the drawing of this girl and give her something fun on the top of her head. A flower wreath, perhaps, or a beautiful crown? A massive bow? Maybe even animal ears. Whatever you decide, just have fun with it."

And I did. I styled her hair with a bun on top of her head. Then I added a whimsical bun wrap.   

I colored in her blonde hair first, then dotted her chocolate brown bun wrap with colorful sprinkles. The cherry is part of the bun wrap. 

In retrospect, her hair looks more like spaghetti and meatballs than the ice cream sundae that inspired me... except for the sprinkles. My nephew went through a stage in life from about age 2-5 when he put sprinkles on EVERYTHING he ate, but other than that, I can't recall ever seeing sprinkles on spaghetti. So I'm committed to my original idea. It's an ice cream sundae. 

I did a few more of Kristina's challenges before returning the book to the library. I'll wait to complete the rest of them when I have a copy I can write in. 

I highly recommend Color Me Creative! The book is so much fun and would make a wonderful gift for girls and women who love to be inspired creatively and enjoy drawing. 


  1. Oh yes...spaghetti and meatballs, LOL but nicely done! And it does look like an interesting book, I'll be checking it out!

  2. I thought ice cream right away!! That book looks FUN!!!!!

  3. Fun, fun, fun book!!! I definitely have to get a copy for me and my family! (And I thought her hair was ice cream, too!)

  4. How fun! Love your interpretation. I hope my local library has a copy of this book.


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