Cardboard Tube Tin Man

Cardboard Tube Dorothy and Cardboard Tube Scarecrow have a new friend.

While he has a great personality (all heart, that guy), he is not very photogenic. I mean, he has a nice smile and all, but he tends to reflect everything around him, making it hard to see the real him. 


Cardboard Tube Tin Man 



Cut a piece of Oly*Fun that is slightly taller and slightly wider than the cardboard tube. Line it up flush with one opening of the cardboard tube and use tape to hold it in place temporarily so it doesn't shift. Wrap the Oly*Fun around the tube, securing it with hot glue. The edges will overlap. Set the Tin Man's body with the flush end down on the table. There will be excess fabric on the end that will be his head. Fold the excess fabric over the top and down into the cardboard tube. Remove the tape.

Cut a 2" high strip of Oly*Fun and curl it into a tight tube with the shiny side out. Glue it closed. Tape the tube to the dull side of a larger rectangle of Oly*Fun (about 2" x 8"), as shown below.

Curl the rectangle to form an open cone shape, as shown below. Put a piece of tape to hold it in place. Now make adjustments. You might need to curl it more tightly or loosely. You might need to raise or lower the tight tube. When everything looks good, secure it in place with hot glue. You can remove the tape or leave it. 

Trim the edges of the cone, then use hot glue to secure it on top of the Tin Man's head. 

Use craft glue to add googly eyes. Draw on a nose and a mouth. Finally, glue rhinestones down the front of the Tin Man to mimic the rivets.  

I chose to glue them rhinestone-side down because the flat side looked more like rivets to me. Not that you can tell in the photo, because they're all reflecting something. 

This trio of friends will be meeting someone new fairly soon. I am confident he will be less reflective, if nothing else. Right now he is just a piece of faux fur with a major shedding problem. Stay tuned!


  1. Oooh, he's cute and makes a great addition! Can't wait for the Cowardly Lion to round out the team... or will Toto make an appearance also?

  2. Hehe...the gang is looking good!

  3. Ohhhhhh he is fabulous!! And I am with Doreen!!! Can't wait to see Lion, Toto and possibly the witches!?!?!?! :)


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