New Logos for the Patenting for Inventors Podcast

This is me in 2016 with my friend and co-author Adam Diament.

Adam, who is a patent attorney, has been hosting a podcast for almost a year. It's called the Patenting for Inventors Podcast. It walks inventors through absolutely everything they need to know to apply for a patent. Despite the fact that I am not an inventor and have no intention of ever getting a patent (because I doubt I should try to patent a Twinkie Narwhal, which is pretty typical of the things I invent), I really enjoy the podcast. I love learning new things and I've always been fascinated with learning more about what other people's careers. Adam is an excellent host. 

Adam needed new podcast cover art, so I happily spent some time playing on PicMonkey until I came up with this:

I thought the magnifying glass was a great way to draw attention to the podcast title. (It's left-handed because I make everything left-handed. Adam is right-handed, one of his few faults.) I chose the colors based on Adam's website and put a lightbulb next to the web address. I sent it off to Adam and waited to hear what he thought. He loved it, so I set out to make the other sizes of graphics he needed. 

The 1920x480 banner posed some challenges. I couldn't put the magnifying glass front and center like in the square graphic. When I shrank it it down, the podcast title didn't fit in it nicely. I decided to move the web address there and stretched the title across the banner. The lightbulb became the letter O in INVENTORS. 

The 1920x1080 size created a new problem. If I kept the magnifying glass and web address on the left and the title on the right, there was an area at the bottom that looked empty. I grabbed Adam's picture from his website and did a quick flip (I had to maintain the left-handed magnifying glass, of course!). I moved the web address to the bottom and everything looked balanced.

I'd strongly recommend the early episodes of the Patenting for Inventors Podcast to pretty much anyone. A huge number of things we use every day are patented. It is fascinating to learn what can be patented and what the process is that inventors (and their attorneys) go through to get those patents. Later episodes dive deeper and are geared more for inventors, but they are still very interesting. Episode 42 is particularly interesting to me. Listen to see why! :) 

Thanks to Adam for trusting me to make his graphics. If any of you need logos made, feel free to contact me at cindy.mycreativelife@gmail.com. 

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  1. These look awesome and his name is Adam, so he has to be an amazing person!! :)


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