October Roundups

I made six roundups this month as part of my job as Editor of Fun Family Crafts. As always, I made all of the graphics using PicMonkey (affiliate link).

First up: Kids Crafts for Special Days in October. We have several bazillion awesome Halloween crafts (ok, maybe more like 1200) so the first and most difficult step was narrowing them down to six of the most eye-catching images that screamed October. I didn't want it to be just Halloween, since there are lots of other crafting opportunities in October. I ended up choosing a witchy owl, my Ho Ho bat, Frankenstein cookies, leaf votives, craft stick jack-o-lanterns, and cheese dressed up as candy corn. I think it's a good balance, if a bit heavy on edible crafts.

I put together this roundup of Homemade Mummy Costumes in an effort to capitalize on the huge amount of traffic that one of our mummy costumes was receiving, and to help our readers see various options for mummy costumes in one place. I chose to showcase sewing and no-sew options for boys and girls, as well as a version for babies.

I made this roundup of The Best TMNT Costumes for Kids for the same reasons. One post was ranking very well, so I wanted to draw attention to our other options. I picked these four images for their variety.

I had so much fun putting together the roundup of Monster Crafts and Recipes. What can I say? I love googly eyes.

We had a Spider Crafts and Recipes roundup on the site already, but it was really outdated and needed to be refreshed. I love how it turned out. Two of the spider crafts are mine. Do you recognize them?

When I made the roundup of Kids Crafts for Special Days in November, I ran into the same problems as with October's. There are so many cute turkey and pilgrim crafts, but I didn't want the whole thing to be Thanksgiving. So I added Bert & Ernie (Sesame Street Day), an airplane (Aviation Month), and some bear cookies (Hug-a-Bear Day). 

I saved my favorite for last: Scrabble Crafts. I love Scrabble. I love Scrabble crafts. And, as it turns out, I love graphic design that involves Scrabble fonts. This one is a pin, not a roundup. 

Now I want to do some crafting, stat!

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  1. Love love love these!! Off to check them out more closely!!!!!


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