Party in a Block

When I shared my I-Spy Game using the Craft Block, I mentioned that I'd be sharing another idea after my nephew's birthday. Timothy turned 18 (!!!) yesterday, so it's time to share his....

Now that my sister's family lives in Idaho, we weren't able to celebrate Timothy's birthday with him (first time ever- sniff). I needed a gift that would be easy to send since I wouldn't be seeing him in person to deliver it. I decided to make him a portable party! The Craft Block is stuffed with everything you need to have a great birthday party - balloons, candles, noisemakers, candy, ribbon, bows, favors, confetti, and money. This would be a great gift for anyone you can't see in person on their special day: college students, members of the military, long-distance family, or pretty much anyone else! Read on to make your own. 


Party in a Block



Start by gathering up your supplies.

Drop the items into the Craft Block, one at a time. Use the chopsticks to adjust their positioning. I wanted the swirly top to face outward, so I lowered it in with chopsticks and put it just where I wanted. 

Continue to fill the craft block until there is no more room. Give it a shake to help everything settle, then rotate it to fill in gaps. You want it full so that things don't shift or break in the mail. 

Put the rubber seal on the Craft Block and send your package! It's up to the recipient to figure out how to remove the items! (You can include chopsticks in the package if you want to give them a hint.) Enjoy!


  1. That is awesome! I can't believe Timothy is 18!

  2. How fun is that?! What a great gift idea.

  3. Ooooh..how fun to get this in the mail!

  4. This is GENIUS!!!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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