12th Birthday Party

One of my favorite things about blogging is that I can tell more of the story and include more photos of an event than I can squeeze onto a scrapbook layout. So while I want the important photos and the story to appear in the album, it helps knowing that the details are preserved here on the blog. Because I shared so many details from Trevor's narwhal-themed ice skating birthday party back in June, I didn't feel compelled to include close-ups of the narwhal items we made on the layout. Instead, I packed it with photos of Trevor and his friends having fun.

12th Birthday Party (affiliate link)

I debated whether to include the grinning alligator on a page about a narwhal-themed birthday, but I couldn't resist. He fit the space perfectly and looks so cute holding the present and the balloons. 

You may have noticed that the only journaling I did was to label the kids (and Narwhal). The photos answer the rest of the basic questions:
  • What: Trevor's birthday party
  • Where: ice rink
  • When: Trevor's 12th birthday

You might argue that, years from now, one of Trevor's descendants won't know when his birthday was and thus what year this took place. Nor will they know which ice rink we visited. But I'd argue that both of those questions are answered by other layouts in the same album. For the record though, I'll note both of those here, with the optimistic (though perhaps unlikely) expectation that my blog will be accessible to future generations: This party took place at Vacaville Ice Sports on June 8, 2018, the day after Trevor's 12th birthday. And it was awesome. 


  1. Great points! I have a love hate relationship w/ journaling: Although I think it's important sometimes it's difficult to fit it in and still have a well balanced aesthetic layout. In this case, the journaling was not needed. I need to remember this in the future... when I'm journaling the same data, page after page in a multiple page spread! TY for this! Love this layout... your usual clean design w/ just the right amount of pops of color from both the photos and the cute alligator, which fits perfectly in it that leftover open space. And the fact that he's holding a present means he was invited to the narwhal party, not that he is a representation of it, so it TOTALLY works!

    1. You're right! The alligator is obviously a party guest, or he wouldn't be bringing a gift. How did I miss that?! Thanks- now I like my layout even more. :)

  2. Loveeeeeeee this! LOVING how many photos you got on here!!! And I don't always journal, but I at least put the year and name of people that are on the layout on my pages.... cause let's face it, I AM NOT always going to remember everyone 20 years from now! LOL!!!!

  3. Nicely done! It's hard to journal everything and keep everything aesthetically appealing. I try to do it through subtle ways in the choice of embellishments. I tell the nephews to look for the humour and irony! *LOL*


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