Bunny in a Box (Bunny Week 2020, Day 4)

Cats are famous for their love of boxes. If they can possibly squeeze themselves into a box, they will. Rabbits are the same. Leave out a box, particularly one with a 'roof' on it, and there will be a bunny in that box in no time. 

Bunny in a Box (affiliate link)

When we're not sure where Trouble is, the first thing we do is check all the boxes. If he's not out and about getting into things or hanging out with the family, that's usually where he is. Rabbits are awesome. 


  1. Super adorable! Love the shot w/ his tail facing out, LOL! How funny that bunnies are like cats in that respect!

  2. Toooooo cute! I love this! Those photos are adorable!!!


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