Trick or Treat 2019

Every year, our friends Sheena, Ken, and Devin to come to our house for trick-or-treating. Some years there are other kids that join Trevor and Devin (Landon came over in 2019), but otherwise our routine is the same. We line the kids up in front of our garage for photos while we still have daylight, then we follow the same route trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. The adults chat as we walk behind the kids, greeting neighbors and checking out holiday decorations and costumes. Then we head back to our house for hot apple cider and candy trading. It's the perfect way to spend Halloween and I'm going to be really sad when the boys outgrow it. Fortunately, it's acceptable here (even expected) that teenagers will go trick-or-treating, so we might get another year or two before it ends. 

Trick or Treat 2019 (affiliate link)

There was one major difference with trick-or-treating in 2019, which I documented in my journaling. Our neighborhood had been on our second Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS) of October from the 26th to the 30th, with electricity returning just in time for Halloween. A few families always decorate for Halloween, but many more did than usual, and many of those incorporated lights, music, or other electrical things. One neighbor rigged up his air compressor to make hissing snakes and had rats and spiders and things on pulleys to make them scurry. Halloween felt very celebratory. It was awesome. 


  1. Love the PP you chose for the BG and the mixed font/color combo of the title! Here's hoping you get a few more years of this treasured tradition!

  2. This is awesome! LOVING that photo and the birds!! Teens aren't as accepted here for Halloween ... when Adam was 14 and already taller than me .. he got so much crap for going with Brookie in the neighborhood we go to.

  3. The paper is just perfect for the layout. Looks fab.

    P/s: We don't really celebrate Halloween here in that way...adults play dress-up at nightspots. ;)


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