It's Official! (Trevor is Taller Than Grandma)

When my mom came to visit in November, she was shocked to see how much Trevor had grown in the few months since she'd last seen him. Of course, I had to take a picture to document it. 

It's Official! (affiliate link)

My mom has a photo of me from the late 80's, back-to-back with her mom. Grandma and I have a level balanced on our heads because our heights were virtually identical (5'2"). It would be fun to pair the photo of Trevor with his maternal grandma with me and my maternal grandma. Oddly, we never took a picture when I reached- or passed- my mom's height (4'10"). 

I will definitely be taking photos when Trevor reaches- and passes- my height. It won't be long. He's only an inch shorter than me at age 13. Because he has always been so small for his age, Trevor has had multiple bone scans done, and his doctor predicts his adult height will be 5'5" or so.

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