Tuesday Lunch at the Segundo DC

During Trevor's Thanksgiving break, I took him to lunch at the Segundo Dining Commons. That's where I ate three meals a day during my time in the dorms at UC Davis. Actually, they've built a new facility and gussied up the place since my days there from 1990-1992. But it still brought back so many good memories. 

For Trevor, it was the chance to see a bit about what dorm life is like. The DC was not at all what he'd expected; the number of choices, the quality and variety of food, the options for restricted diets, and the sheer size of the facility all exceeded his expectations. He said he would be very happy to eat three meals a day there once he starts college! 

We had plans to meet friends and eat in the Tercero Dining Commons on campus (where Steve ate during his time in the dorms) but COVID-19 interfered and we had to cancel. We'll make it there eventually.   

Tuesday Lunch at Segundo DC (affiliate link)

Most of the stickers on this layout come from a football collection, of all things. I've been challenging myself to use (or give away) neglected supplies and I'm pleased with myself for using football-themed product on a page that has nothing to do with sports. 


  1. Loving that you used football themed goodies for this! Always fun to mix it up! LOVING this! Loving the finger pointing!!

  2. Hi Cindy! WOW! Trevor is really growing up quickly! What a wonderful scrapbook page. He will be in college before you know it! And I want to thank you SO MUCH for always stopping by my blog and leaving the nicest comments there. Virtual hugs right back at you, from PA!!!!! HUGS!

  3. Nicely done! It feels great to use up older stash eh!


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