Matzo Lion Snack

On Thursday, our family had the honor of attending a virtual Passover Seder hosted by my friend and co-author, Adam. Over the years, I've been to a handful of Jewish weddings (including Adam's), a Jewish baby naming ceremony at a local synagogue, and a pre-Sukkot party in the sukkah in a coworker's backyard, but otherwise my knowledge of Judaism is limited to my years of Sunday School as a kid, a Judaism class I took in college, and reading the books that Adam has written. (Affiliate link because you should totally read his books.) Experiencing Passover with a real family (around 25-30 people) practicing their faith was awesome. 

Steve, Trevor, and I did our best to join in with the readings, rituals, and songs. We dipped our pinkies in our drinks, broke and hid the middle piece of matzo, and flogged each other with chives (it's supposed to be green onions, but close enough). I even made matzo ball soup for the first time. In every way, we had a wonderful time. 

Despite eating a good amount of matzo during the Seder, we had plenty left over. So naturally, Trevor and I made a Matzo Lion Snack. (And if you didn't think, "Of course that's what Cindy did with leftover matzo" then you aren't reading my blog often enough.)

Matzo Lion Snack


  • matzo
  • vanilla frosting, tinted yellow
  • Raisin Bran
  • banana
  • pretzels
  • Popcorners (affiliate link, because you HAVE to try these if you haven't already. YUM!)


Gently frost a piece of matzo. Sprinkle Raisin Bran flakes around the outer edge and use raisins for eyes. Cut a triangular banana piece for the nose. Use stick pretzels for whiskers and broken mini pretzels for the mouth. Add Popcorners for the ears. Eat and enjoy!


  1. HA!!!! I love your little blurb about you/your blog! LOL!! That cracked me up!! I loveeeeeeee this! So fun!!!!!


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