Ice Cream Cone Name Art

Today's project combines two things I love: name art and ice cream. Pair this craft with homemade ice cream. May I suggest lazzberry? It is sooooo good!

Ice Cream Name Art


  • 9" x 12" construction paper 
  • pencil
  • markers
  • scissors


Orient a sheet of white construction paper vertically. LIGHTLY write your name vertically in bubble letters with the first letter almost touching the top of the paper. Adjust each letter until it is practically round. You should still be able to make out each letter, but they should just look like ice cream scoops at first glance. Now, draw a triangle-shaped cone underneath the final letter of your name.

Color each letter to resemble a different flavor of ice cream. Notice the way I used a big chocolate chip as the D in my name. Color the cone light brown, then draw diagonal lines in a darker shade of brown to create the texture of the cone. 

Finally, cut around the outside of the cone. If your name is short, you can probably hold the cone upright without the paper buckling. If your name is long and the paper wants to flop over, glue a skewer or straw to the back to add rigidity. Enjoy!


  1. Such a cute project! I need to get me some virtual ice cream as I have been eating WAY to much of it during this crisis! LOL!!!


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