Every time I make an edible craft, Steve jokingly asks: "Didn't your mom tell you not to play with your food?" As far as I can remember - no, she didn't! I certainly have never told Trevor not to play with his food. Quite the opposite. We play with food all the time in Casa deRosier.

Trevor and I used the last of our seder leftovers to play a game I'm calling Tic-Tac-Matzo. It ended in a cat's game (of course), after which we split the board and enjoyed our treat.



  • matzo
  • peanut butter
  • chocolate syrup in a squirt bottle
  • two different markers (we used Cheerios and chocolate chips)


Spread the peanut butter onto a piece of matzo. Add four lines of chocolate syrup to make the board. Alternate taking turns, trying to place three Cheerios or chocolate chips in a row. Split the game board when you are done playing.


When you search for matzo/matzah on Amazon, you get pages and pages of unleavened bread and soup dumplings, along with plenty of cookbooks. But if you dig deeper, you find all sorts of unexpected treasures, including Tic Tac Toad. I'm a big fan of the juggling balls. And the themed pillow would definitely help with Passover reclining. 


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