Reindeer PEZ Costume

I'm all about looking for the bright side. And right now, the bright side is that I'm getting a lot of scrapbooking done. My BCF's and I have been doing Zoom crops regularly and it's just what I need to keep my spirits up. This layout is all about Trevor's reindeer PEZ Halloween costume

Reindeer PEZ Costume (affiliate link)

It's weird thinking back on October and remembering the inconvenience of the Public Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS) that were going on while I was making the costume and the ever-present fear of wildfire. It feels like a lifetime ago, yet here we are with the even greater inconvenience of a stay-at-home order and the ever-present fear of COVID-19. Fortunately, we were safe then and are safe now. Many others are not so lucky. 


  1. Still one of my fave costumes you made! I loveeeeee this! LOVING the wood grain background!!!!

  2. Really cute costume. Love the banner. Glad you are getting your layouts done via Zoom crops.


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