Stuffed Felt Bunny (Bunny Week 2020, Day 3)

The inspiration for today's Bunny Week project came from this Bucilla Easter Egg Felt Applique Wreath Kit (affiliate link here and below). It came in the BORC I received in February. Felt applique is new to me and I've really enjoyed it. I hope this easy stuffed bunny project inspires you to give felt applique a try!


Stuffed Felt Bunny



Cut two identical egg-shaped pieces of felt for the rabbit's body. Set one piece aside. Using a single strand of embroidery floss, sew two black sequins and one pink sequin to the pointy end to make a face. Sew the pom pom to the rounded end. Add white whiskers to the face by tying a knot at the end of the floss, sewing up through the cheek area, then cutting the floss. Repeat the process to make three whiskers on each side. They aren't secure now and can be pulled out from the bottom, but they will be trapped in place once you stuff and sew the bunny. 

Cut two matching ears from the felt scraps. Use pink embroidery floss to stitch the inner ears. This is what the backsides of all the stitched pieces will look like:

Applique the ears to the body. 

This is the completed front:

Sew the back piece to the front, leaving a gap for stuffing. Leave the needle and thread attached. Add  Poly-fil, then finish sewing the two layers together.  

Here's the finished bunny. 


This body position is known as a meatloaf and is a favorite of happy, relaxed buns. They tuck all four feet beneath, relax their ears, and snuggle down, often for a brief snooze. Here's Trouble, demonstrating the meatloaf position. Mostly. That ear is listening to me. 

It's very difficult to photograph a bunny in a proper meatloaf, because as soon as you get close enough to take a picture, an ear starts following you. Or, both ears. If you persist, an eye will crack open to glare at you. Sorry, Trouble. 

 I know, I know... those darn diurnal family members won't let you get a decent day's sleep. 


  1. That is ADORABLE!!! I love it!! And HA!!! That is funny .. Dandy was like that too (when he could still hear! LOL!) -- if we got to close ...the ears would perk up!! HA!!!

  2. Hahahahahaha! The meatloaf?! That's hilarious! And Hamlet is the same, easily disturbed when trying to relax. I love how much your felt bunny looks like Trouble!

  3. Cute! LOVE the meatloaf position!


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