Cereal Box Black Bear

Three states (Alabama, Louisiana, and New Mexico) have all named the black bear as their state mammal. Those aren't the states that come to my mind when I think of bears, but it turns out that the American Black Bear is the world's most common bear species. It is found throughout the United States with a large population thought to be twice that of all other bear species combined. Another fascinating fact: many black bears are not black! This cute cereal box bear is a fun jumping off point for a study of this interesting mammal. Affiliate links below.

Cereal Box Black Bear



Cover the cereal box with black construction paper. The amount you need depends on the size of the cereal box. I used one sheet to cover the front and one side and a second sheet to cover the back and the other side, then cut strips from a third piece for the top and bottom. 

Cut ears from black construction paper, making them about an inch longer than you want them to be. Fold over that extra inch to make a flap so you can glue the ears to the top of the box. 

Cut an oval from brown construction paper and draw a nose and mouth. Glue it to the front of the cereal box. Cut a semicircle of brown construction paper and glue it to the bottom center of the front of the box to make the bear's tummy. Glue the googly eyes in place. 


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