Deepest Sympathy

Grieving is always difficult, but my heart goes out to those who are mourning a loss while the world is dealing with a pandemic. People cannot come together for a funeral, nor travel to be with a widowed relative or friend. I know many are struggling to find closure without these traditional methods.  

The family who received this card is mourning a relative on the other side of the world. Even if they wanted to risk their health to travel to be with family, it simply isn't possible. 

If you know someone who is grieving, reach out via phone or computer, but then send a card. Fill the card with messages of hope and memories of the person who is gone. The card does not have to be fancy. It truly is the thought that counts. 


  1. It's hard to mourn someone's passing at any time, even more so right now. It is a lovely card.


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