Well-Traveled (With All the Stickers to Prove It!)

This was one of the most fun layouts I've made in recent memory. I started with two photos from our travels (one from Delaware and one from Texas) showing Trevor with admission stickers to the places we'd visited those days all over his jacket. I added a title with a variety of stickers, then added die-cuts. I ended up using 8, which is easily double the number I've ever used on a single 12" x 12" layout before. The final touch was adding my journaling to the two lined die-cuts. I love how it all came together. 

Well-Traveled with All the Stickers to Prove It (affiliate link)

While I am eager to return to a time when it is safe to travel, being under a stay-at-home order makes me appreciate the travels we have done. What fun it has been to look at previous travel pages and make more to add to the albums!


  1. I love it. Clean lines and deceptively simple. You do a terrific job getting all the alpha stickers laid out straight!

  2. How fun is this! A little more embellished than your usual layouts...but I LOVE it!


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