Owl Napkin Rings

Have you noticed how much I love napkin rings? I've shared a bunch of the ones Trevor and I have made, including bunny napkin rings for spring, acorn napkin rings for fall, turkey napkin rings for Thanksgiving, and holly and star napkin rings for Christmas. Today I'm sharing our latest napkin rings, owls. They're fun year-round.


Owl Napkin Rings

Start by cutting about two inches off an empty cardboard tube. Round the cut slightly, so that there are points on the left and right and a dip across the front and back. Paint it brown inside and out.

Add googly eyes and a yellow cardstock beak.

Cut rounded triangles from brown cardstock to make wings. Curl them slightly outward before gluing them to the body.  

Add a napkin (notice the owl print?) and you're set!  

I know it's been quite a few months, but I haven't forgotten about the J, U, and Y children's crafts I promised. We've brainstormed what we're going to do, but they've taken a back seat to both Kidding Around and all the projects we've been making for the various fairs we're entering. And speaking of the fair, tomorrow I'll share how Trevor used his owl napkin ring.


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